The -Tarian Trend

More and more people are going vegetarian and vegan these days for health or moral reasons.  There has always been a group of people doing this, including those doing it for religious reasons, but it seems to be very “in” nowadays.  As the budding young woman who I am, I decided to give vegetarianism a try.

For the month of June, I decided to stop eating meat. No chicken, no fish, no hamburgers, no steaks.  My reasons were not based in a desire for greater health or out of a desire to make the world more humane.  I am a relatively healthy eater and I believe in the food chain.  I was merely curious. I never considered myself a big meat person; I basically just ate chicken.  How much would my diet change?

Answer: A LOT.

MEAT IS SO GOOD! IT MAKES EVERYTHING TASTE BETTER! Read those words carefully my friends.  Yes, not every dish needs meat. Yes, you need to eat other foods (I love fruits and veggies). Yes, too much meat is unhealthy. But if you have the choice, keep meat in your diet. Nevertheless, I tried lots of vegetarian dishes and genuinely enjoyed most of them. I did learn the importance of beans and nuts, two foods that are now a more integral part of my diet.  However, I will not be eliminating meat again.  I tried foods that I normally have meat with/in (chopped salads, spaghetti sauce, sandwiches, quesadillas, Chipotle, and burgers just to name a few) and discovered they are significantly tastier with meat.

As the month progressed, my body did stop craving meat as much. It adjusted to the new diet and I noticed little to no difference in my appearance, digestion, or body in general.  Nevertheless, the first amazing bite of meat (I had a chicken burrito bowl at Chipotle with my mom for lunch on July 1st) melted in my mouth and alerted my taste buds that they could once again enjoy the sweet, succulent, delicious flavor of meat.

There are legitimate reasons to be vegetarian, vegan, etc.  However, none of those reasons apply to me.  Thus, I will not be going vegetarian again.

Meat is back on the menu, boys!

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