The #PowerofMakeUp

Guys – don’t run away from this post just because the title says ‘makeup.’ Please read it and decide at the end if you should have ran away 😛


I love makeup. I love expressing my creativity.  I love trying new things. I love experimenting. I love feeling confident. I love feeling beautiful.

But I hate that loving makeup is seen as vain, shallow, and self-deprecating.  

Recently, a phenomenal YouTube makeup artist released a video about makeup shaming.  Following her video, a challenge called the #PowerofMakeup, which encourages people to only ‘glam up’ half their face or show a side-by-side of a photo of them with and without makeup, has gone viral. It seems like in a world where people are encouraged more than ever to be themselves, we are shaming people for doing just that.  The Internet, especially social media, has opened all kinds of doors for people to shame others while hiding within the protection of their home or behind a screen. If you know me at all, I am a self proclaimed lover of ‘the medias,’ which is my slang for saying that I love Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc so I do not think they are all bad. However, I have recently been inspired to write this post to explain to everyone why I love makeup and why I refuse to let others make me feel ashamed of that.

This may come off wrong, but I think I am beautiful. I think that I have no reason to be ashamed of how I look. For a while this was far from the truth and I had zero confidence in my appearance, but now I can say that I am confident in who I am and what I look like because I am a child of God.  He thought I was worth dying for.  He loves me enough that I don’t have to worry about what anyone else in this world thinks. My value is not determined by people on this Earth and because Christ died for me, I am free.  I am free from the judgements of others.

Okay so back to what I was saying before about feeling beautiful: I don’t think that makeup makes me beautiful (because being a daughter of the One True King does that). I don’t think that in order to be beautiful and confident I have to wear makeup.  So then why do I wear it? Why do I spend so much money on it? Why do I play around with my makeup on a Friday night if I am not even going to go out?  Because I  like it! Just like any other hobby, I do it because I like it! I don’t wear makeup to impress boys, I don’t wear it because I think I need it, and I certainly don’t wear it because I am ashamed of how I look.  I wear makeup because it is fun. I like playing around with new products and learning how applying things differently changes the result. I would say that most of times that I wear makeup I am not even wearing it to go anywhere.  I just want to have fun in my room and then take way too many embarrassing selfies.  As a whole, I am not a very creative or artistic person, but with makeup I am.  Makeup allows me to express myself and feel proud of something I have created.

People who like to paint or draw are not shamed for those hobbies. Well to me, makeup is the same thing. I don’t wear it for other people, I wear it for myself. I wear it because I like it.  Yes, I think that I am beautiful when I wear makeup, but I also think that I am when I am completely raw.  People who know me know that I don’t wear makeup every day, because frankly I like sleep more than makeup.  But when I have the time, I do find great pleasure in applying and wearing makeup.  I accept others’ hobbies as parts of their personalities that make them unique individuals, so please accept that maybe I wear makeup because it is one of my hobbies.  Don’t assume that I wear it because I am insecure. Don’t think that I am self conscious of what my face looks like when I have pimples, dark circles, and puffy cheeks, because I am not.  Makeup shaming is a thing, and I want it to stop.  Wearing makeup is not a crime and if you want to wear it, go for it! Go full on glam, the 5 minute face, or completely raw.  Do what you want. There are no rules. Show the world, the #PowerofMakeup!


Here is my own personal transformation using the #PowerofMakeup

thumb_IMG_8027_1024 IMG_8037


One thought on “The #PowerofMakeUp

  1. Preach girl! I always say make up is like curtains in your home. Firstly some prefer none, some prefer heavy drapes, and some fall in between. But secondly, and more importantly hanging curtains doesn’t change the structural integrity of your house. Sometimes you just want to decorate! I mean if you are using the curtains to hide some unscrupulous activity in your home….. anyway enough metaphors.

    Decorate that face girl! For you, and no one else!

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