The Hobby Lobby is Empty

A few months ago, I realized that I didn’t have any hobbies. After further reflection, I did begin to discover that I had a few like photography, blogging, and playing around with makeup. However, I still felt like I needed more ways to be productive with my free time. So I began the hunt for a new hobby…

First I thought exercising would be the next thing I would fall in love with. I’ve always worked out and considered exercise as an important part of life, but since I have stopped playing sports it always feels like a chore and I hoped that it could evolve into a hobby for me once again. Not true. I tried and tried to enjoy the process of exercising, but turns out it is miserable. Sports, now those are fun and I would play them all day. Dancing, also a lot of fun and I love doing that. But straight exercise like lifting, or worst of all, running (shudder), is just not fun for me while I’m doing it. Obviously I like the feeling after a work out and I think it’s important, but it is not the hobby I was looking for.

Next, I decided to join the current trends and try knitting. I tried many years ago, but lost interest. So I (with my mom’s help) dug out my old yarn, knitting needles, and sat down with YouTube determined to get to the point where I spent my free time making hats and scarves for everyone I know.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to remember why I lost interest so many years ago….it is sooooooo slow! Such slow progress and way too much work for such a small result.  I could not imagine sitting down and knitting long enough to actually make anything useful. That being said, I do have half of a pot holder finished if anyone is interested…

Then I thought, okay Pinterest…help me out here! People all over the web are posting about their hobbies on your site, so show me the way to the perfect hobby! Alas, I am no good at DIY projects and I have no house to decorate so a discouraged Marie sat at her desk disappointed that the Internet was unable to help her.

While coming to grips with the fact that for the rest of my life I’ll simply be taking pictures, ranting on my blog about my personal problems, and glamming up to watch Netflix for hours, I remembered one of my Christmas gifts this year: a super awesome, limited edition, 25 pack of Sharpies! Now to some of you, this sounds like a waste of a gift, but luckily my mom knows that my obsession with office supplies runs deep in my soul and I was instantly energized to start using my new ‘toys.’ Since I only have one artistic bone in my body (my ulna to be exact), I decided to just start putting dots all over a piece of paper. People do that, right? I hear appropriately placed dots on a piece of paper of different colors can actually be considered brilliant art. So there I was…putting red dots on paper.  Next, I decided to write something cute in the middle of heart outline I created, so where did I turn? Pinterest, of course. I searched for ways to make fake calligraphy and was not disappointed.  I practiced and wrote phrases and played around with fonts and emerged hours later from the obsessive spiral Pinterest causes in its users. I closed my computer and got up from my desk with a new hobby, lettering!

Lettering or journaling is super fun, creative, and a great excuse for me to buy more office supplies. And the icing on the cake? It is a great way for me to grow in my faith! Bible journaling or illustrated faith is a huge trend now in the Christian community and is a very easy way to engage with Biblical text and highlight some of your favorite verses and truths. They even make special Bibles now with extra space for you to engage with the text right there on the page! If you aren’t familiar with it, at the bottom are some examples I loved when I started playing around.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking for one that I found my new hobby. And my new hobby is a way for me to grow closer to my King. I wonder how long it will take me to realize that God will always have the answers to every single struggle in my life, no matter how small…



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