10 Ways to Procrastinate Studying for Finals

It is that time of year…one final push for college students before they are done for the summer! Since I have some studying to do, I am going to skip the long intro and just get right into the content of my post.  I have thought of a few ways to help out my fellow students as they try to do ANYTHING other than studying for the worst exams of the semester.

1. Write a blog post about how to procrastinate studying. This is a super effective way to feel like you are still creating something and being productive, while not actually doing what you need to be. Also, writing can be a good way to use a different part of your brain if you’re studying for math heavy finals.
2. Go to the gym. There is no better time to get in shape for the summer than 3 days before it begins! Usually, you would be hunting for an excuse to not make it to the gym, but during finals there are more dreaded things on your plate…so why not hit the gym now while it isn’t the worst thing you could be doing?
3. Clean your room. You’re going to have to do it eventually and people say “cluttered desk, cluttered mind” so you really can’t study effectively if you have a messy desk/room. This one is really more of studying preparation than procrastination.
4. Take a long, relaxing shower. YOU DESERVE IT. You have worked hard this semester! You just turned in final papers and presented final projects. Don’t you deserve a wonderful shower full of good smelling shampoos, exfoliating sugar scrubs, aloe infused shaving creams, and moisturizing body washes. After all, “lather, rinse, repeat” doesn’t put a limit on how many times you should be repeating.
5. Have one (or six) final hurrah(s) with the friends you won’t see this summer. You’re not going to see these people for months! There are tons of graduation and end of the year parties happening, so it doesn’t take more of your precious brain space (you have to save all of that for your finals) to decide what to do.  If you’re going abroad this summer (like myself) then you won’t even be in the same country as all your friends, making it even more essential for you to say good bye. It would be rude to not properly celebrate the end of the semester with the people who made it so special.
6. Take graduation pictures.  Thousands of people are about to graduate and leave your school in their rearview mirror – it is the least you can do to help them commemorate their last 4 years.  Everyone deserves to have a few hundred fabulous photos of them around campus in their cap and gown.  These pictures will be with them for the rest of their lives while your finals are going to be over in a few hours. Be a decent person and put others’ needs before your own.
7. Think of and start developing the new hobby you are going to pick up this summer.  You have every intention of finding a new way to improve yourself over the summer without all the schoolwork dragging you down.  You are going to have more free time and more energy so of course you have been thinking about what new ‘thing’ you’re going to pick up in the next few months.  The problem is that usually you don’t follow through because thinking of one is too hard or you forget to start testing things out. Well now is your time! If you are really serious about your summer ‘personal development’ goals then you should get started now.
8. Make Google Docs for all your classes’ exams. Ahhhh a classic. By making a Google Doc now you are making your actual studying time easier and helping the class as a whole. Creating the Doc will probably cut down on your required studying time by an hour or so, leaving you with more time to relax and mentally prepare for finals. Plus, you’ve missed a lecture or two and you could use the wisdom of your peers.
9. Do your laundry. Might as well get a jump on all the laundry you are going to have to do when you get home. By doing it now, you are actually saving yourself (and your mom…you’re welcome mom) time in the future to enjoy your finals-free summer. If you think about it, this one isn’t even procrastinating at all because you are getting a head start on something!
10. Create your summer playlist. You may not be able to be at a beach right now, but at least you can get in the summer spirit by making your Summer 2k16 playlist now! With every picture you see of friends who are already done, you add another song to the playlist.  And you have to be very selective of what songs make it in because having the appropriate summer jams is more important than your GPA.  After all, you need something to listen to while you study later.

Well, unfortunately my ’15 minute’ study break has lasted a little longer than I originally intended. At least I was productive and creative, right? OH! I just thought of another one to add to the list: use up the rest of your meal plan…time for dinner!


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