I Just Paid $30,000 for Chipped Paint?

Well, it has been a few months since I have blogged, so get ready because that means I have a few months of sarcasm and wit to get out in this post.

Wedding planning has truly been nothing but a blast for me. It has been so fun to take this day I have dreamed of and slowly piece together all the perfect details. However, I keep getting stumped by the same question: what is my wedding style? It seems like everyone wants a one or two-word answer to this question and it is incredibly intimidating, not to mention useless, in my opinion. Here are some of the style options one is typically given and my definitions for them:

Traditional: What your mom wants


Classic: What your grandmom wants


Modern: What you want


Vintage: All the charms of lace and faded colors combined with a very modern budget
Romantic: For those who really want to make sure their wedding is a celebration of love and unity as opposed to those weddings that want to focus on hate and division.  Seriously why is this even an option?? It is a wedding!
Rustic: Requirements for this style include a farm and/or barn as the venue, all decor must have chipped paint, and overwhelming amounts of baby’s breath.
Rustic Chic: See rustic, but change the venue to something more “sophisticated” than a barn.


Elegant: For all the couples who want to make it obvious they are not joining in the contemporary rustic trend.  Everything will be fully painted, have crisp lines, there will be no visible wood, and black/white/gold/silver will dominate.  Picture black-tie on steroids.
Religious: Similarly to romantic, it’s impossible not to have a religious wedding. God literally created marriage and He did so with the purpose of demonstrating Christ’s sacrificial love and covenant with the church. Soooooo whether the bride and groom are religious or not, by entering into marriage at all you are partaking in a sacrament of the church.


So what is my wedding style?? Well, in a word, it would be traditionalclassicmodernrusticchicreligiousromanticperfect cause let’s be honest, every wedding is going to a combination of different tastes! And that’s what makes each wedding so unique. 🙂


If you want me to “define” other wedding styles, comment them on this post and I’ll be happy to!

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