Dancing with the General Population

Check out this post from my professional blog about media convergence and Dancing with the Stars! They say to write about your passions…so I wrote about one of my favorite shows (:

Entertaining Marie

photo from: scottmayomusic.com/?p=869 photo from: scottmayomusic.com/?p=869

Dancing with the Stars, more commonly known as #DWTS on social media, was one of the original competition-based reality TV shows.  11 years and 21 seasons later, it is still the show watched by over 13.3 million people every Monday night at 8 pm.  Most shows pitter out in 5 years or less…so how can Dancing with the Stars have gained the same longevity as shows like Friends and LOST?

Dancing with the Stars does an incredible job of making their viewers feel like participants, rather than distant observers.  This leads to a more loyal and invested fan base: a fan base that is willing to stick with you for over 10 years! Every week, viewers have the opportunity to call in and vote for the couples they want to see come back the following week, which empowers the fans and gives them a reason to tune…

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Bienvenido World!

After a few months of internal battles about whether or not I could be a blogger, I decided to create my very own blog. Like many of you, I have lots of thoughts and I think the world (or the 5 people who will ever read this blog) should know them.  Plus, hopefully I will rant a little less to my friends and family now that I have a new venue to gab about whatever I want. Read More »